Nakodaji Temple Day Tour

About Nakodaji Temple Tour

Nakoda is a village in the Balotra District of Barmer Rajasthan. This village was known by the names of Nagara, Viramapura and Maheva at different times in the history. When Nakoda Parsvanatha Jain temple was made this village gained popularity by the name of Nakoda. Nakoda is a holy place of the Jains. Religion Shree Nakoda ji or Parshwanath Temple of Nakoda is one of the important pilgrimage sites of the Jains. This Jain temple is situated on a beautiful hill of around 1500 feet.  There are many statues in this temple while the statue of the Jain saint (tirthankara) Parshvanth in black stone is a major attraction of Nakoda. Beside this, there is another temple with high leading steps called the Shantinath temple. Thousands of pilgrims and tourists come here with devotion and admire the brilliant work of architecture. The temple of Pundarik Swami dates back to the 16th century while the Charbhuja temple and the Shiva temple had been 500-600 years ago. The glory of Lord parshwanath and the protecting deity of the pilgrimage Shree Bhairavji Maharaj is so much world-renowed that they are considered by the devotees as ‘Haath-Ka-Huzoor’ (Lord at hand) and ‘Jaagti Jot’ (Living light). This place has a thousand miraculous anecdotes. Wishes made in the name of this place attain fulfillment.

Daily Temple Visiting Hours

4:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. (Daily)

What’s included

Ac Transportation  – Pickup from Hotel & Drop to Hotel

What isn’t included

  • Toll & Parking
  • Entrance fees
  • Food and drinks
  • Guide Charge


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