Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari in Osian, Jodhpur

Trip Go Rajasthan provides Thar Desert Jeep Safari which is the most well-liked and exhilarating activity for the tourists. Trip Go Rajasthan offers world class jeep safari experience to discover the Thar Desert territory. Trip Go Rajasthan presents the travellers with thrill and enthusiasm for a remarkable and unparalleled experience of dune voyaging.

These sturdy machines pack a powerful 4×4 drive and a mean engine that promises to drive you to the crest of the highest dune. Jeep Safaris allow you to surpass the rocky terrains and the begrimed roads of the barren lands. Its pace can be easily controlled and altered to suit the requirements of sightseeing. The Jeep Safari tours by Trip Go Rajasthan are best to track the inaccessible areas that are culturally and ethnically valuable. The Jeep safari envelops the carcass of long sandy stretches gleaming under the sun like freshly polished diamonds.

Cherishing the landscape beauty of the Thar dunes in an open jeep is a treasured experience for everyone.